Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Management

At Arctic Air we know that you want your family to breathe the healthiest air possible while inside your home. That's why we've developed a comprehensive portfolio of IAQ services designed to ensure that there are no significant problems with the air in your home. Our friendly, professional technicians will be happy to review and suggest air quality improvement solutions.

Air Filtration

The most common allergens in homes include dust, pet dander and mold. Upgrading your HVAC filter will help eliminate allergens and improve indoor air quality. Those fiberglass filters found in retail stores trap only the largest airborne particulates and offer little help when you're trying to eliminate allergens or improve indoor air quality. The pleated filters will do a much better job of removing larger offending particles. Filters carry MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) ratings that can guide you when selecting the best one for your system.

UV Light System

While air filtration can trap mold spores, you can eliminate a mold population in the home by using ultraviolet (UV) lights inside the ductwork or the air handler. UV lights modify that DNA of the mold spores so that they can't reproduce. UV lights are damaging to eyesight but when placed inside the equipment, there's no risk to health. These lights also kill other organic particulates in the home's air, like bacteria and viruses that can grow in the A/C coil drain pan.

HRV - Heat Recovery Ventilation

An HRV is a mechanical ventilation unit that was first introduced into too-tight homes to supply and distribute fresh air, and expel excess warm, moist air. The great thing about an HRV is that it captures heat in outbound air and reuses that energy to condition (heat or cool) inbound fresh air. HRVs offer a key advantage through their preheating abilities. In this way, you can recover up to 80 percent of the energy in the air, which will help to offset the costs of running the system. If you already have a forced- air HVAC system in your home, an HRV can be installed to work with your existing ductwork.